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2 EMOTIONAL DEJA-VU CLIMAX International action Baby Scientific action Baby TECHNOSPACE Dancing in to the night Feeling seems so alright

3 Watching spaceship flight Beleave to catch of sight TAKE ME NOW Oh yeah, yeah Take me now Get a whole show now Take me now Repeat the beat You can t defeat Fashinating and sweet In compleate Oh yeah, yeah Faster and slow Real Technoshow Fashinating and sweet In compleate Oh yeah, yeah

4 ELECTRONIC LOVE Electronic acts Electronic facts Sha-la-la, sha-la-la Electronic technoloque Electronic fantastique Sha-la-la, sha-la-la HIGH-TECHNOLOGUE-EVOLUTION Urban fashion people Feels like a underground Urban city schedule Knows that loud sound Of the crowd

5 Urban culture people Can walk round and round Urban city sparkle Knows that loud sound Of the crowd DRAW GAME Person one Person two Draw game Part one Part two Draw game Session one Session two Draw game

6 TECHNOWORLD Computer Calculator Creditcard Microtech Soundcheck Memorycard Put me up Put me down SYNTAX ERROR Computer overloaded Syntax error Telephone line too hot Syntax error

7 TECHNOPOWER My tower In a technopower Digital dream In a mind field Sunflower Like a technopower Get it real Mechanical deal