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1 Media Guide July 2013 Tampere Stadium, Tampere, Finland

2 Content European Athletics President Welcome Message 3 Organisational Structure 4 Local Organising Committee 6 General Information 8 1. Finland 8 2. Host city Tampere Sport History Tampere Stadium 12 Media Team 13 Media Accreditation 14 Media Accommodation 14 Media Transportation 15 Media Facilities Media Centre Media Tribune Mixed Zone Media Conference Photographers Lockers 17 Venue and Programme 17 Other Important Information 18 Omega 20 Timetable 22 Statistics 34 Map of Stadium, Warm-up and Training Areas 38 Official Venues and Hotels 44 Race Walking Map 45 Sisältö Euroopan yleisurheiluliiton puheenjohtajan tervehdys 3 Euroopan yleisurheiluliitto 4 EM2013 järjestelyorganisaatio 6 Median yhteystiedot 29 Median akkreditointi 30 Median majoitus 30 Median kuljetukset 31 Median työskentelytilat Mediakeskus Mediakatsomo Mixed Zone Tiedotustilaisuudet Valokuvaajat Tavaroiden säilytys 33 Muuta tärkeää tietoa 34 Aikataulu 22 Euroopan ennätykset 36 Kartat stadionista sekä lämmittely- ja harjoittelualueista 38 Tapahtumapaikat ja hotellit 44 Kävelyn reittikartta 45 European Athletics President Welcome Message I am very pleased that Tampere will be the hosts of the European Athletics U23 Championships this year. Athletics is a very popular sport in Finland, and the city can carry on the momentum of high-level athletics events being hosted in the country following the Helsinki 2012 European Athletics Championships. The European Athletics U23 Championships is extremely important for the development of athletics in Europe. The event provides a bridge between junior and senior competition and offers an excellent opportunity for aspiring Olympic, world and European champions to compete against the best athletes in their own age group. Many former and current world champions have benefited from such championships on their journey towards Olympic stardom, including Olympic pole vault champion Yelena Isinbayeva and Swedish Olympic champions Carolina Klüft and Christian Olsson, who have all been crowned European U23 champions. More recently, in 2011, we saw the likes of David Storl of Germany and Darya Klishina of Russia emerge from impressive performances at the Championships. Tampere has excellent facilities for the athletes and I have no doubt that there will be a good atmosphere at the stadium in July European Athletics greatly appreciates the efforts of the Finnish athletics federation, the City of Tampere and the LOC in the preparation for the Championships. We are looking forward to seeing you in Tampere in July for four days of exciting athletics competition. Hansjörg Wirz President, European Athletics 2 3

3 Organisational Structure European Athletics Council Doping Control Delegate Richard Driscoll (GBR) President Vice Presidents Director General Council Members Hansjörg Wirz (SUI) José Luis de Carlos (ESP) Karel Pilny (CZE) Jean Gracia (FRA) Christian Milz (SUI) Francesco Arese (ITA) Sylvia Barlag (NED) Jonas Egilsson (ISL) Liam Hennessy (IRL) Frank Hensel (GER) Dobromir Karamarinov (BUL) Toralf Nilsson (SWE) Erki Nool (EST) Antti Pihlakoski (FIN) Jorge Salcedo (POR) Gabriela Szabo (ROU) Salih Munir Yaras (TUR) Vadim Zelichenok (RUS) Jury of Appeal Race Walking Judges Area Technical Officials IAAF Road Race Measurer International/Area Starter Dobromir Karamarinov (BUL) - Chair Dolores Rojas (ESP) Andrej Udovc (SLO) Jean-Pierre Dahm (FRA) - Chair Inge-Marie Schöler (DEN) Steve Taylor (GBR) Lamberto Vacchi (ITA) Ana Toureiro (POR) Christian Melchior (GER) Keith Davies (GBR) Chief Lars Danielsson (SWE) György Smoczer (HUN) Dario Giombelli (ITA) Paul Benard (FRA) Samuel Lopes (POR) Peer Jensen (DEN) Alan Bell (GBR) IAAF President (ex officio member) Lamine Diack (SEN) International/Area Photofinish Judge Zvonimir Čeč (CRO) European Athletics Honorary Life President Carl-Olaf Homén (FIN) European Athletics Delegates Vice President Technical Delegates Karel Pilny (CZE) John Cronin (IRL) Egert Juuse (EST) European Athletics Office European Athletics Avenue Louis-Ruchonnet Lausanne, Switzerland Tel: Fax: Web: 4 5

4 Local Organising Committee / Järjestelyorganisaatio President General Secretary Competition Press / Media Security Finance Accommodation, Accreditation Transportation Promotion Medical/Anti-Doping Ceremonies Art Director Volunteers Catering VIP Hospitality Technology YLE Tampereen Pyrintö City of Tampere Finnish Federation (SUL) Perttu Pesä Elisa Hakanen Pasi Oksanen Antti-Pekka Sonninen Ismo Nykopp Jarmo Hakanen Siiri Suominen Esa Utriainen Tiina Soikkeli Michael Rorarius, Marjorit Nurmi Ilkka Vilonen Erja Lehto Raija Oksanen Minna Ehrola Ulla Harala Mikko Suominen, Elmeri Siltaloppi Jukka Ahonen Saila Asumaniemi Matti Kaario Pekka P. Paavola Saara Saarteinen Mika Muukka, Antti Pihlakoski 6 7

5 General Information Finland Independence Declared on December 6, Previously a grand duchy in the Russian empire for 108 years, and a part of Sweden for 600 years before that. Driving International Calls Right-hand traffic. Seatbelts are required for everyone travelling in a car or in a van, whether seated in the front or rear. It is prohibited to talk on a mobile phone while driving, without using a hands-free device. Drinking and driving is a punishable offence regardless of the road or location (a blood alcohol level of at least 0.5 mg/litre). + country code city/town code national telephone Form of Government Parliamentary democracy. Telephone Country Code Head of State Location Area President of the Republic, elected every 6 years, two-term maximum. The current President Sauli Niinistö was elected in the February of N, E. Finland is situated in the northern part of Europe with borders to Sweden, Norway and Russia. 338,424 km² (131,985 square miles), the fifth-largest country in Western Europe by area. Population 5.4 million, 15.8 inhabitants per km² (Nov 2011). Life expectancy Men 76 years, women 83 years. Coastline 1,250 km Mobile Phone Networks Finnish mobile phone networks operate under 3G, GSM and GPRS. Only phones that are manufactured to operate under these systems will work in Finland. You are advised to contact your own country s mobile phone operator to determine if your country has an international roaming agreement with Finland, which will allow temporary connection with the Finnish networks. The main mobile companies are Sonera, Elisa, Saunalahti and DNA. Currency The Finnish Currency is the Euro ( ) which is made up of 100 cents. There are coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents and 1 and 2 euros. Bank notes are of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500. All the major international credit cards are accepted in hotels, shops and restaurants (Visa, Mastercard, Eurocard, American Express). Climate Great contrasts cold winters and fairly warm summers (2010 extremes: coldest day in Kuhmo C/-42.3 F, warmest day in Joensuu 37.2 C/99.0 F) Languages Official languages are Finnish (spoken by 91%) and Swedish (5.4%). Sámi is the mother tongue of about 1,700 people. Religion Capital Local Time Electricity Christianity; 79.9 % Lutheran and about 1.1% Orthodox. In practice society is fairly secularised Helsinki (1.25 million inhabitants in metropolitan area) GMT + 3 hours (Summer time) The electric current for use in homes and hotels, as in most of Western Europe countries, is 220 volts (50 Hz) and the plugs used are two round pins. 8 9

6 Host city Tampere Tampere is the third biggest city in Finland, located in the midst of a lake labyrinth, and has a population of 215,117 which makes it the second largest economic area in Finland. In the region of Tampere there are 352,000 inhabitants. Tampere is also known by its Swedish name, Tammerfors. The City of Tampere was established by King of Sweden Gustav III in 1779, on the bank of The Tammerkoski rapids. Tampere has been an industrial pioneer in Finland since the very beginning. Finland s first paper mill started operation in 1783, and the first paper machine was engaged at the J.C. Frenckell & Son s factory in The cotton factory established in 1820 by James Finlayson grew to become the country s first large-scale industrial establishment. The first electric light in the Nordic countries was also lit in Finlayson s modern production facilities in The city s engineering industry was bolstered by the manufacturer of grinding machines and water turbines Tampereen Pellava- ja Rauta-Teollisuus Oy (Tampella), which was established on the upper reaches of the Tammerkoski rapids in Nowadays, Tampere is Finland s theatre capital and a major cultural centre in general. There are numerous professional theatres and active amateur groups. The dozens of museum, art exhibitions and galleries located in the city further enhance culture in Tampere. In addition, Tampere hosts a number of different festivals every year. Today, Tampere is also famous for its information and biotechnology centres, universities, and numerous educational and research institutes. Tampere is also a significant centre of education and high-tech industries. Sport History Tampere has always been a city of sports. In recent years, Tampere has hosted several major international competitions and other sports events. The city has made a significant contribution to the event arrangements and has paid special attention to the quality of its competition venues. Tampere has a great variety of different kind of sports venues. The city has over 200 sports clubs with over 60,000 active participants. Competitions and Championships are always organised in close partnership between city and the local sport clubs. Thousands of active club members have taken part in event organisation. Finns are known worldwide for the exceptional large number of volunteers running the events and competitions. City of Tampere also provides various sports venues for its residents to use not only in the city centre but also in the suburbs. Tampere also invests in the wellbeing of its residents by offering affordable fees or even free of charge venues to everyone to use. Many of its residents, young and old, are also active members of local sport clubs. In recent years, the following International Sport Competitions have been organised in Tampere: - EU Swimming Invitational Judo European Cup Student Futsal European Championships Long Distance Triathlon European Championships European Junior Championships in Synchronised Swimming Volley World League European Youth Olympic Festival UEFA Women s EURO (Football) European Wrestling Championships 2008 Picture: Emil Bobyrev 10 11

7 Tampere Stadium Tampere Stadium has got high-class athletic facilities with modern equipment. It has also got a floodlit full-size football field with lighting to meet international standards. The stadium seats approximately 17,000 spectators. Inside the building there are facilities for wrestling, team gymnastics and other indoor exercises, as well as a fitness room, a cafeteria and meeting rooms. It was built for the Finnish Athletics Championships (Kalevan kisat) in 1965 and was thoroughly renovated in Media Team Media Manager Mr Antti-Pekka Sonninen Tel LOC Office Office Manager Ms Siiri Suominen Tel Picture: Hannu Vallas / Lentokuva Vallas Oy 12 13

8 Media Accreditation The European Athletics Online Registration and Accreditation System (ORAS) is still open. Deadline for Media accreditation requests is 28 June Upon arrival, accreditation cards can be picked up at the Main Accreditation Centre (MAC) at Tampere Stadium (see map). Opening hours: Tuesday 9 July 10:00 20:00 Wednesday 10 July 10:00 18:00 Thursday 11 July 08:00 18:00 Friday 12 July 08:00-18:00 Saturday 13 Sunday 14 July according to needs Media Accommodation The official Media Hotel is Hotel Cumulus Koskikatu Koskikatu Tampere Finland Tel: Homepage: The hotel is located in the city centre of Tampere, within walking distance (10 min) from Tampere Stadium (see map) and about a 25 min drive from Tampere-Pirkkala Airport. Room for single occupancy: 120 EUR Room for double/twin occupancy: 140 EUR Prices are per room, per night, including breakfast. Media Transportation Arriving in Tampere The LOC will provide transportation for the media from Tampere-Pirkkala airport to the Media Hotel Cumulus Koskikatu when arriving, and from the Media Hotel to Tampere-Pirkkala airport when departing. Media representatives shall make sure that they enter their exact travel details into ORAS. Bus transportation will be arranged by the LOC for teams arriving at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Media representatives are welcome to use these buses while arriving and back to Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Media Shuttle Bus Hotel Stadium Hotel (driving time is about 6-7 minutes) Wednesday 10 July Cumulus Koskikatu Hotel - Tampere Stadium at 13:00 and at 15:30 Tampere Stadium Cumulus Koskikatu Hotel at 22:00 Thursday 11 July Cumulus Koskikatu Hotel - Tampere Stadium at 09:00 and at 16:30 Tampere Stadium - Cumulus Koskikatu Hotel at 15:00 and at 22:30 Friday 12 July Cumulus Koskikatu - Tampere stadium at 9:00 and 16:30 Tampere Stadium - Cumulus Koskikatu at 13:30 and 23:00 Saturday 13 July Cumulus Koskikatu - Tampere stadium at 09:00 and 15:30 Tampere Stadium - Cumulus Koskikatu at 14:30 and 22:30 Sunday 14 July Cumulus Koskikatu Hotel - Tampere Stadium at 12:30 Tampere Stadium - Cumulus Koskikatu Hotel at 20:30 Information Desk Opening Hours Tuesday 9 July 12:00-20:00 Wednesday 10 July 10:00-18:00 Outside these opening hours please contact the Hotel reception

9 Media Facilities Media Centre The Media Centre is located at the Tampere Stadium in the Main Tribune building on the ground floor. The Media Centre is equipped with free wireless connection. The Media Centre will be open as follows: Wednesday 10 July 12:00 21:00 or later if needed Thursday 11 July 08:30 22:00 or later if needed Friday 12 July 08:30 23:00 or later if needed Saturday 13 July 08:30 23:00 or later if needed Sunday 14 July 12:00 21:00 or later if needed All relevant publications/material as well as free coffee/tea, soft drinks and snacks will be available at the Media Centre. Media Tribune The Media Tribune is located in the Main Tribune, 50 metres from the Media Centre. All seats are equipped with electricity, TV and CIS monitors as well as free wireless connection. Mixed Zone The purpose of the Mixed Zone is to offer journalists an opportunity to talk to the athletes about their performances as they leave the field immediately after the competition. All the athletes should leave the stadium through the Mixed Zone and it is the only space where the athletes can be interviewed after their competition. It is up to the individual athlete to decide whether or not to talk to the media. The Mixed Zone is located after the finish line on the stadium track level. The Mixed zone will be split into three parts ENG TV crews, Radio crews and Written Press giving priority to permit-holders. The LOC News Team operates in the Mixed Zone collecting Flash Quotes relaying athletes comments quickly and accurately via the CIS system to the Media Working Areas. Photographers Brief meeting for the accredited photographers will be held at the Media Centre on Wednesday 10 July at 14:00. Photographers will have access to the infield only with INFIELD PHOTO bibs. Only 12 photographers can be infield at the same time. Infield Photographers are selected by the European Athletics Communications Manager and the LOC Media Officer. Photographing conditions at Tampere Stadium are very good and easy to get also outside the infield, both on the track level and tribunes. Lockers For photographers there will be a locked room next to the Media Centre where cameras and other equipment can be stored, also at night. The stadium area will be guarded 24/7. Venue and Programme Wednesday 10 July: 16:15: 20km Race Walking Women 18:15: 20km Race Walking Men 20:30: Opening Ceremony at Laukontori (City Square) Thursday 11 July: Competition from 10:00 to 20:30 Friday 12 July: Competition from 10:00 to22:00 Saturday 13 July: Competition from 10:00 to21:00 Sunday 14 July: Competition from 13:30 to19:00 Sunday 14 July: Closing Party including 4x400m victory ceremonies at the Miami Restaurant at 22:00 Media Conference The official press conference will be held at the Tampere Stadium on Wednesday 10 July at 13:30 before the race walking events. European Athletics and LOC representatives as well as some local and international participating athletes will be attending the opening. The Media Centre will be used for any media conferences during the championships, if needed

10 Other Important Information Media Restaurants Lunch Media representatives are recommended to have buffet lunch at the Hullu Poro restaurant, located in the Koskikeskus shopping centre, 200 metres away from the Stadium. Opening Hours: Monday 8 July Saturday 13 July 11:00-15:00 Wednesday 10 July 11:00-16:00 Sunday 14 July 12:00-17:00 Prices: Lunch 9,20 EUR (Monday to Saturday) Lunch (Sunday) 12,90 EUR (brunch style) Dinner Media representatives are recommended to have dinner at the Huviretki restaurant, located in the Cumulus Koskikatu (Media Hotel). Opening Hours: Monday 8 July Friday 12 July 11:00-24:00 Saturday 13 July 11:00-01:00 Sunday 14 July 11:00-23:00 Price: Three-course dinner at 19.- EUR. Meal Vouchers for both restaurants can be purchased from the LOC at the Main Accreditation Centre. Please note that the price for lunch through LOC or directly at the restaurant is the same (9,20 EUR and 12,10 EUR on Sunday) while the price for dinner at the hotel (19.- EUR) is a LOC negotiated rate. Meal vouchers for lunch can be purchased directly at the Hullu Poro restaurant on a daily basis but it might be convenient for media representatives to pay all meals at once by credit card at the MAC. First Aid First aid services are available at the Tampere Stadium market Square (Koskiklinikka tent). In case of an emergency, please contact the LOC staff. Lost and Found Lost items that have been found at the Media Centre, Mixed Zone or Media Tribune will be brought to the help desk at the Media Centre and can be picked up from there during the event. From Monday 15 July onwards all lost and found items will be stored at the Tampere Stadium information desk ( 1st floor). Lost Accreditation Cards Any lost or damaged accreditation cards should be reported to the Main Accreditation Centre as soon as possible. A new accreditation card will be issued after careful consideration. Contacts Antti-Pekka Sonninen, Media Manager: Elisa Hakanen, General Secretary: Important telephone numbers in Tampere Emergency (police, ambulance, fire brigade): 112 Taxi: Tampere Stadium information desk: , Useful expressions Finnish Swedish English Hyvää huomenta God morgon Good morning Hyvää päivää God dag Good day Hyvää ilta God kväll Good evening Moi Hej Hello! Näkemiin Adjö Goodbye! Paljon kiitoksia Tack så mycket Thank you very much Hauska tutustua Trevligt att träffas Nice to meet you Puhutko englantia? Talar du engelska? Do you speak English? En ymmärrä Jag förstår inte I do not understand En tiedä Jag vet inte I do not know Anteeksi Ursäkta Excuse me 18 19

11 OMEGA provides world-class timekeeping for Europe s best young athletes OMEGA looks forward to bringing its unparalleled sports timekeeping expertise to Tampere for the European Athletics Under 23 Championships. OMEGA has been involved in athletics timekeeping for more than 80 years. In 1932, its pocket watch chronographs were already considered the most reliable instruments available for measuring world-class performance at sporting events and OMEGA s reputation was such that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) asked the firm to supply all sports timing devices for use at the Olympic Games to be held that year in Los Angeles. The company was happy to oblige, and delivered 30 OMEGA chronographs, accompanied by an expert watchmaker, to ensure precise timekeeping and reliable results from all the competitions. OMEGA has continued to develop and deliver state-of-the-art sports timing and measurement systems ever since, and at the London 2012 Olympic Games, it assumed the Official Timekeeper role for the 25th time. Preparations are well underway for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Every year, OMEGA s experts deploy teams of timekeeping professionals to sporting events around the world, armed with a veritable arsenal of advanced sports timekeeping and measurement equipment. Their innovative systems include starting blocks and false-start detection systems and the latest photo-finish cameras for the sprints and middle-distance events, as well as height and distance measurement devices for field disciplines. in Tampere, OMEGA has continued its relationship with the IAAF Diamond League, serving as Official Timekeeper at its meets in the 2013 season. OMEGA wishes the talented young athletes participating in the European Athletics Under 23 Championships an excellent event. We look forward to recording their record-setting performances! OMEGA records and displays the results with the world s best equipment OMEGA s official timekeepers ensure timely delivery of the official results to everyone involved in the competitions they support. At the events it serves, OMEGA is also responsible for the competitor displays for the athletes and their support teams along with the public displays to spectators at each venue. The official results are also delivered in real time to broadcast, network and print media who in turn relay results and commentary to remote audiences around the world. Though each event requires a specific configuration of precisely tuned devices and systems, perhaps the most famous of OMEGA s timekeeping inventions is the photo-finish camera. First developed for use at the London 1948 Olympic Games, these cameras solved the problem of grouped finishes by enabling judges to separate the winners from the runners-up. The OMEGA Scan O Vision cameras have evolved continuously over the years and the current version, the Scan O Vision Star, provides more than 2000 high-definition images of the participants as they cross the finish line. OMEGA and athletics While the number and variety of events make the Olympic Games the most famous, complex and challenging of world championships, OMEGA s track and field timekeeping experts are busy every year at competitions around the world. Along with the 2013 European Under 23 Championship 20 21

12 Timetable Wednesday :15 20km Race Walking W 1 8:30 20km Race Walking M 20:30 Opening Ceremony (incl. Race Walk VC) Thursday Morning 10:00 Hammer Throw M Q A 10:10 100m M Dec 10:20 Shot Put M Q A+B 10:40 100m M R1 11:00 Long Jump M Dec A+B 1 1 : m W R1 1 1 : 2 0 Hammer Throw M Q B 12: m St W R1 12:20 Shot Put M Dec A+B 12:50 Javelin Throw M Q A 13:00 High Jump W Q A+B 13:05 400m Hurdles W R1 13:50 400m Hurdles M R1 14:05 Javelin Throw M Q B Thursday Afternoon 17:00 High Jump M Dec A+B 17:00 800m W R1 17:10 Discus Throw M Q A 17:30 800m M R1 17:50 Long Jump M Q A+B 18: m W SF 18:30 100m M SF 18:40 Discus Throw M Q B 18: m M F 19:20 Shot Put M F 19:30 Triple Jump W Q A+B 19:35 400m W R1 20:00 400m M R1 20: m M VC 20:25 400m M Dec 20:40 Shot Put M VC 22 23

13 Friday Morning 10:00 Hammer Throw W Q A 10:00 High Jump M Q A+B 10:45 100m Hurdles W R1 1 1 : 1 5 Hammer Throw W Q B 11:30 Shot Put W Q A+B 11:35 110m Hurdles M Dec 12:05 110m Hurdles M R1 12:20 Pole Vault W Q A+B 12:40 Discus Throw M Dec A 12: m St M R1 13:40 Discus Throw M Dec B Friday Afternoon 15:35 Pole Vault M Dec A+B 17:00 400m Hurdles W SF 17:10 Triple Jump W F 17:20 400m Hurdles M SF 17:55 Javelin Throw M Dec A 18:00 100m W F 18:05 Shot Put W F 18:10 100m M F 18:30 800m W F 18:40 800m M F 18:43 100m W VC 19:51 100m M VC 19: m W F 19:00 Javelin Throw M Dec B 19:15 Pole Vault M Q A+B 19:42 Triple Jump W VC 19:50 400m W SF 20:00 Long Jump M F 20:05 400m M SF 20: m W VC 20:20 Javelin Throw M F 20:22 800m M VC 20:30 200m W R1 20: m W VC 20:57 Shot Put W VC 21:05 200m M R1 21: m M Dec 21:50 Long Jump M VC Discus throw 12:40 M Dec A 13:40 M Dec B Javelin throw 17:55 M Dec A 19:00 M Dec B 20:20 M Final 24 25

14 Saturday Morning 10:00 Javelin Throw W Q A 10:10 100m Hurdles W Hept 10:25 Long Jump W Q A+B 10: m W R1 1 1: m M R1 1 1 :1 0 Javelin Throw W Q B 1 1 :1 5 High Jump W Hept A+B 11:25 200m M SF 1 1:40 200m W SF 12:05 4x400m Relay M R1 12:15 Triple Jump M Q A+B 12:30 Discus Throw W Q A 12:30 4X400m Relay W R1 13:40 Discus Throw W Q B Saturday Afternoon 16:00 Hammer Throw M F 16:18 Decathlon M VC 16:30 Pole Vault W F 16:38 Javelin Throw M VC 17:00 Shot Put W Hept A+B 17:10 400m Hurdles W F 17:20 400m Hurdles M F 17:35 400m W F 17:40 Hammer Throw W F 17:41 400m Hurdles W VC 17:50 400m M F 17:53 400m Hurdles M VC 18:01 Hammer Throw M VC 18: m St W F 18:31 400m W VC 18:40 200m W F 18:45 High Jump W F 18:50 200m M F 18:55 400m M VC 19:05 110m Hurdles M SF 19:12 Pole Vault W VC 19:20 100m Hurdles W SF 19:35 Discus Throw M F 19:40 200m W Hept 19:52 200m W VC 20:00 200m M VC 20: m M F 20: m St W VC 20:40 110m Hurdles M F 20:50 100m Hurdles W F 20:52 Hammer Throw W VC 21: m M VC 21:08 High Jump W VC 26 27

15 Sunday :30 Discus Throw W F 13:30 Long Jump W Hept A+B 13:41 Discus Throw M VC 13:50 110m Hurdles VC 14:00 100m Hurdles VC 14:15 4x100 m Relay W R1 14:35 Long Jump W F 14:45 High Jump M F 15:05 4x100 m Relay M R1 15:10 Javelin Throw W Hept A 15: m W F 16: m M F 16:10 Javelin Throw W Hept B 16:13 Discus Throw W VC 16: m W VC 16: m W F 16:35 Pole Vault M F 16:45 Triple Jump M F 16: m M VC 17:05 4x100m Relay W F 17:10 Long Jump W VC 17:20 4x100m Relay M F 17:30 Javelin Throw W F 17: m W VC 17:41 High Jump M VC 17: m St M F 18:05 4x100m Relay W VC 18:15 800m W Hept 18:21 4x100m Relay M VC 18: m St M VC 18:40 4x400m Relay W F 18:46 Triple Jump M VC 18:55 4x400m Relay M F 19:01 Heptathlon W VC 19:10 Pole Vault M VC 19:17 Javelin Throw W VC At closing ceremony 4x400m Relay W VC At closing ceremony 4x400m Relay M VC Median yhteystiedot Mediapäällikkö Antti-Pekka Sonninen Puh EM2013 toimisto Toimistopäällikkö Siiri Suominen Puh

16 Median akkreditointi Median online-akkreditointi on auki Euroopan yleisurheiluliiton ORAS-internet-järjestelmässä 10. huhtikuuta kesäkuuta. Akkreditointikortit ovat noudettavissa akkreditointikeskuksesta Tampereen stadionilla keskiviikosta 10. heinäkuuta klo alkaen. Akkreditointikeskus on avoinna: Tiistaina :00 20:00 Keskiviikkona :00 18:00 Torstaina :00 18:00 Perjantaina :00-18:00 Lauantai sunnuntai tarvittaessa Median majoitus EM-kilpailujen virallinen mediahotelli on Cumulus Koskikatu 10 minuutin kävelymatkan päässä stadionista. Osoite: Koskikatu 5, Tampere, puhelin , internet: s-posti: Majoitus on varattavissa internetin ORAS-järjestelmässä akkreditoinnin yhteydessä. Jos varaus peruutetaan viimeistään 15. toukokuuta, maksu palautetaan kokonaan. Mikäli peruutus tapahtuu palautetaan 50 prosenttia. Sen jälkeen maksua ei palauteta. Niiden, jotka haluavat käyttää muita majoitusvaihtoehtoja, on itse huolehdittava varauksestaan. Median kuljetukset Järjestelytoimikunta järjestää median edustajille tarvittaessa kyydin Tampere-Pirkkalan lentokentältä Cumulus Koskikatu -mediahotelliin. Myös Helsinki-Vantaan lentoasemalle saapuvat median edustajat voivat käyttää joukkueille järjestettäviä bussikuljetuksia. Samoin paluumatkalla kummallekin lentoasemalle järjestetään kuljetukset. Järjestäjien kuljetuksia tarvitsevien on ilmoitettava tarpeistaan etukäteen sähköpostilla mediapäällikkö Antti-Pekka Sonniselle: Median bussikuljetus mediahotellilta stadionille ja takaisin ajaa seuraavan aikataulun mukaisesti (ajoaika 6-7 minuuttia): Keskiviikko Cumulus Koskikatu - Tampere stadion ja Tampere Stadion - Cumulus Koskikatu Torstai Cumulus Koskikatu - Tampere stadion 9.00 ja Tampere Stadion - Cumulus Koskikatu ja Perjantai Cumulus Koskikatu - Tampere stadion 9.00 ja Tampere Stadion - Cumulus Koskikatu ja Lauantai Cumulus Koskikatu - Tampere stadion 9.00 ja Tampere Stadion - Cumulus Koskikatu ja Sunnuntai Cumulus Koskikatu - Tampere stadion Tampere Stadion - Cumulus Koskikatu Hotelli Cumulus Koskikadulla toimii median palvelupiste, mikä on avoinna: Tiistaina :00-20:00 Keskiviikkona :00-18:00 Muina aikoina mediaa palvelee Cumulus Koskikadun vastaanotto

17 Median työskentelytilat Mediakeskus Mediakeskuksessa on sähköpistokkein varustettuja työpisteitä 50 toimittajalle ja 20 valokuvaajalle. Langaton internet-yhteys toimii mediakeskuksessa, ja se on käytettävissä ilmaiseksi. Valokuvaajien paikat varustetaan myös langallisella internet-yhteydellä, jonka saa myös muille paikoille erikseen pyydettäessä. Mediakeskuksen ja sen palvelupisteen aukioloajat: Keskiviikko klo tai niin pitkään kuin tarvitaan. Torstai klo tai niin pitkään kuin tarvitaan. Perjantai klo tai niin pitkään kuin tarvitaan. Lauantai klo tai niin pitkään kuin tarvitaan. Sunnuntai klo tai niin pitkään kuin tarvitaan. Valokuvaajat Kilpailuihin akkreditoitujen valokuvaajien kokous järjestetään mediakeskuksessa keskiviikkona kello eli heti kansainvälisen tiedotustilaisuuden jälkeen. Valokuvaajat pääsevät stadionin sisäkentälle vain INFIELD PHOTO-liiveillä. Yhtä aikaa sisäkentällä saa olla enintään 12 valokuvaajaa. Järjestäjät päättävät päivittäin kysynnän mukaan sisäkentälle oikeuttavien INFIELD PHOTO -liivien haltijoista. Tampereen stadionilla on useita erinomaisia kuvauspaikkoja myös sisäkentän ulkopuolella, ja valokuvaajien on helppo liikkua ympäri stadionia sekä ratatasolla että katsomoissa. Tavaroiden säilytys Valokuvaajat voivat jättää tavaroitaan lukolliseen huoneeseen mediakeskuksen vieressä. Lisäksi koko stadionalue on vartioitu 24 tuntia vuorokaudessa. Kaikki toimittajien ja valokuvaajien tarvitsema tilastomateriaali, tulokset, urheilijoiden esittelyt jne. ovat saatavilla mediakeskuksesta, jossa on myös ilmainen kahvi-, virvoke- ja välipalatarjoilu. Mediakatsomo Tampereen Stadionin mediakatsomo sijaitsee pääkatsomon ylemmällä tasolla, noin 50 metrin etäisyydellä mediakeskuksesta. Mediakatsomossa on nimetyt pöydät 60 kirjoittavalle toimittajalle sekä TV- ja radioselostamot. Jokainen pöytä on varustettu sähkö- ja internet-pistokkeilla, mutta mediakatsomossa toimii myös ilmainen langaton internet-yhteys. Kaikissa TV- ja radioselostamoissa on CIS-infomonitori. Kirjoittavan median työpöydissä monitoreja on yhteensä 15. Niitä on myös mediakeskuksessa sekä mixed zonella. CIS-monitoreista löytyy olennainen informaatio, kuten lähtölistat, tulokset ja pikahaastattelut. Mixed zone Jokainen urheilija ohjataan kilpailunsa jälkeen mixed zonelle, jossa medialla on mahdollisuus haastatella heitä. Mixed zone on noin 20 metriä pitkä alue etukaarteessa kahdeksannen radan ja katsomon välissä. Alue alkaa kohdasta, josta urheilijat tulevat mixed zonelle ja päättyy ennen pukeutumistelttaa. Haastattelujärjestys: 1. TV ja radio, 2. kirjoittavat toimittajat, 3. muut toimittajat. Tiedotustilaisuudet Kilpailujen virallinen ennakkotiedotustilaisuus pidetään Tampereen stadionin VIP-tilassa keskiviikkona kello ennen kävelykilpailujen alkua. Tilaisuudessa haastateltavina ovat Euroopan yleisurheiluliiton ja järjestelytoimikunnan edustajat sekä seuratuimpia urheilijoita eri maista. Mikäli muille tiedotustilaisuuksille tulee EM-kilpailujen aikana tarvetta, ne pidetään mediakeskuksessa

life beside the Rapids

life beside the Rapids Tampere Finland life beside the Rapids The Tammerkoski Rapids are the heart of Tampere. The town grew up around them, and their peaceful rumble still energizes the daily life of the locals. The atmosphere



25.-26.2.2012 HIIHTÄJÄOHJE INSTRUCTIONS FOR SKIERS LAHTI - HOLLOLA - LAHTI. 39. FINLANDIA-HIIHTO 25.-26.2.2012 HIIHTÄJÄOHJE INSTRUCTIONS FOR SKIERS LAHTI - HOLLOLA - LAHTI Sisällysluettelo / Contents Tervetuloa / Welcome... 3 Organisaatio / Organization...


of ice hockey at Finn-Guild Puhun ei Suomilainen Teatteria lapsille Lontoossa Illustrate nursery rhymes! Save money with Finn-Guild AGM 15 March

of ice hockey at Finn-Guild Puhun ei Suomilainen Teatteria lapsille Lontoossa Illustrate nursery rhymes! Save money with Finn-Guild AGM 15 March Finn-Guild Journal for the Finnish-British community SPRING 2014 issue 105 Big changes at Finn-Guild Hear Sibelius s violin Lionesses of ice hockey Uusi kasvoja Killassa Brittiruokaa Suomessa Scanadventures



IFAGG WORLD CUP I, CHALLENGE CUP I and GIRLS 12-14 OPEN INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION 1 st 2 nd April 2011, Vantaa Finland IFAGG WORLD CUP I, CHALLENGE CUP I and GIRLS 12-14 OPEN INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION 1 st 2 nd April 2011, Vantaa Finland Vantaa Gymnastics Club and Finnish Gymnastics Federation are very pleased to welcome


Year in Review Vuosikatsaus

Year in Review Vuosikatsaus 2008 Year in Review Vuosikatsaus Osuuspankki Meidän pankki We are proud once again to report that our financial institution has continued to prosper, even during difficult times with today s economy. We


Year in Review Vuosikatsaus

Year in Review Vuosikatsaus 2013 Year in Review Vuosikatsaus Osuuspankki Meidän pankki Serving our community for over 55 years! Olemme palvelleet suomalaisyhteisöä yli 55 vuotta! Report of the Board and Management Johtokunnan ja



EMN FOCUSSED STUDY 2/2013 EMN FOCUSSED STUDY 2/2013 Organisation of Reception Facilities for Asylum Seekers in different Member States Euroopan muuttoliikeverkosto Euroopan unionin osarahoittama EMN FOCUSSED STUDY 2/2013 Organisation


Policies, Practices and Data on unaccompanied Minors in 2014

Policies, Practices and Data on unaccompanied Minors in 2014 EMN FOCUSSED STUDY 3 2014 Policies, Practices and Data on unaccompanied Minors in 2014 Co-financed by the European Union 2 Policies, practices and data on unaccompanied minors in 2014 ISBN 978-952-5920-39-0


Mitä jos lähtisit ulkomaille?

Mitä jos lähtisit ulkomaille? 2 Mitä jos lähtisit ulkomaille? EN EHTINYT EDES HAKEA TÖITÄ, KUN UNELMIENI TYÖPAIKASTA JO SOITETTIIN. Liisa Lahti IAESTE-harjoittelussa Ghanassa 2008 IAESTE-harjoittelussa Tadžikistanissa 2009 CIMOn maaohjelmien


Instituutti sai uuden kyltin!

Instituutti sai uuden kyltin! SIIRTOLAISUUS MIGRATION 1/2015 Instituutti sai uuden kyltin! Siirtolaisuus Migration 1/2015 42. vuosikerta / 42 th year ISSN 0355-3779 (painettu) ISSN 1799-6406 (verkkojulkaisu) Julkaisija/Publisher Siirtolaisuusinstituutti


Creative Futures Conference Proceedings

Creative Futures Conference Proceedings Marjo Mäenpää & Taina Rajanti (eds) Creative Futures Conference Proceedings 10. -11. October 2007 in Pori, Finland Marjo Mäenpää, Taina Rajanti (eds.) Creative Futures Conference Proceedings Publication


The Use of Detention and Alternatives to Detention in the Context of Immigration Policies

The Use of Detention and Alternatives to Detention in the Context of Immigration Policies EMN FOCUSSED STUDY 1 2014 The Use of Detention and Alternatives to Detention in the Context of Immigration Policies Co-financed by the European Union 2 The use of detention and alternatives to detention


Leena Silfverberg ISBN 951-792-048-2. Oy Finn Lectura Ab

Leena Silfverberg ISBN 951-792-048-2. Oy Finn Lectura Ab FINN LECTURA This alphabetical vocabulary comprises a complete list of the words in Suomen kielen alkeisoppikirja, 6. edition by Anna-Liisa Lepäsmaa and Leena Sifverberg. The number after each word refer


Fulbright Center News

Fulbright Center News 4 6 7 9 Fulbright Center, Saastamoinen Foundation and University of Kuopio Cooperation pages 10-13 Syksyn stipendiaatit laajasti eri aloilta Fulbright Centerin ja CIMOn uusi stipendi suomen kielen ja kulttuurin



FINNISH: AN ESSENTIAL GRAMMAR FINNISH: AN ESSENTIAL GRAMMAR This is the ideal reference grammar for the student of Finnish. It gives a systematic account of the structures of the written language and also features the characteristics


Insert Your Logo Here

Insert Your Logo Here UPPSALA UNIVERSITY Magister Thesis 30 ECTS Department of Business Studies January 2008 Business Administration and Economics Programme Insert Your Logo Here A Comparative Study of the Television Spot and


Balkan countries build bridges through education

Balkan countries build bridges through education Balkan countries build bridges through education ( Page 2 of 9 About Us (/cocoon/setimes/xhtml/en_gb/document/setimes/footer/about/about)


Spaces for learning: past, present and future

Spaces for learning: past, present and future Spaces for learning: past, present and future Proceedings of the FMSERA 30 th annual symposium in Vaasa, November 6-8, 2013 Ann-Sofi Röj-Lindberg, Lars Burman, Berit Kurtén-Finnäs & Karin Linnanmäki (Eds.)


Siirtolaisuus Migration 4/2011. Sisältö Contents. Ismo Söderling Pääkirjoitus: Lehtikirjoittelua rasismista ja amerikansuomalaista horioppia

Siirtolaisuus Migration 4/2011. Sisältö Contents. Ismo Söderling Pääkirjoitus: Lehtikirjoittelua rasismista ja amerikansuomalaista horioppia Siirtolaisuus Migration 4/2011 38. vuosikerta / 38th year ISSN 0355-3779 (painettu) ISSN 1799-6406 (verkkojulkaisu) Julkaisija / Publisher Siirtolaisuusinstituutti Migrationsinstitutet The Institute of





MUUTTUVA MATKAILU. MATKAILUALAN VERKOSTOYLIOPISTO 10 vuotta tieteellä ja taiteella matkailun asiantuntijuuteen

MUUTTUVA MATKAILU. MATKAILUALAN VERKOSTOYLIOPISTO 10 vuotta tieteellä ja taiteella matkailun asiantuntijuuteen 1 MUUTTUVA MATKAILU MATKAILUALAN VERKOSTOYLIOPISTO 10 vuotta tieteellä ja taiteella matkailun asiantuntijuuteen TIETOA MATKAILUSTA JA MATKAILUELINKEINOSTA 1-2/2005 2 Sisällysluettelo ESIPUHE... 4 I JUURET...


Imaging frontiers, contesting identities / edited by Steven G. Ellis and Lud a Klusáková (Frontiers and identities : thematic work group 5 ; 2)

Imaging frontiers, contesting identities / edited by Steven G. Ellis and Lud a Klusáková (Frontiers and identities : thematic work group 5 ; 2) Imaging frontiers, contesting identities / edited by Steven G. Ellis and Lud a Klusáková (Frontiers and identities : thematic work group 5 ; 2) 305.8 (21.) 1. Identità 2. Multiculturalismo I. Ellis, Steven


fulbright center news

fulbright center news Fulbright-Finland for the Future Miten Fulbright-stipendiaatit valitaan International Vision vol. 23 nro 2 (58) syksy/fall 2013 fulbright center news Fulbright Finland...for the Future From the Executive


Työn muutos ja hyvinvointi tietoyhteiskunnassa

Työn muutos ja hyvinvointi tietoyhteiskunnassa Toimittaneet Mikko Härmä ja Tarja Nupponen Työn muutos ja hyvinvointi tietoyhteiskunnassa Sitran raportteja 22 Helsinki 2 TYÖN MUUTOS JA HYVINVOINTI TIETOYHTEISKUNNASSA 2002 kirjoittajat ja Sitra Graafinen


Taustamateriaalia tulevaisuusvaliokunnan skenaariohankkeeseen

Taustamateriaalia tulevaisuusvaliokunnan skenaariohankkeeseen TYÖ TULEVAISUUDESSA Taustamateriaalia tulevaisuusvaliokunnan skenaariohankkeeseen Suomen uhat ja mahdollisuudet - politiikan keinot uudistaa työn, opiskelun ja muun toiminnan ajoittumista joustavasti ja



KILPAILUOHJELMA Audi FIS Ski World Cup LEVI 15.-17.11.2013 KILPAILUOHJELMA AUDI FIS SKI WORLD CUP LEVI 15. 17.11.2013 Alppihiihdon maailmancup on järjestetty Levillä vuodesta 2004 lähtien. Nykyään



H A N D B O O K K Ä S I K I R J A 2007 HANDBOOK KÄSIKIRJA KÄSIKIRJA HANDBOOK Satamakapteenin alkusanat 4 Sataman osat 6-7 Kaskisten sataman resurssit 8 Statistiikkaa 9 Meriyhteydet 0 Kulku satama-alueella 2-3 Sataman yhteystiedot, ISPS-info


AppleCare Protection Plan

AppleCare Protection Plan AppleCare Protection Plan for Apple TV Getting Started Guide Contents 5 English 45 Svenska 63 Suomi 83 Dansk 101 Norsk AppleCare Protection Plan for Apple TV Fact Sheet Service and support from the people