HIKING. THE BEST HIKES in Tavastia. southern Lakeland in Finland. Trails for easy leisure hiking

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1 HIKING THE BEST HIKES in Tavastia southern Lakeland in Finland Trails for easy leisure hiking

2 Hiking in Tavastia We welcome you to easy leisure hiking in Tavastia region! The region offers great nature experiences in a beautiful landscape with great views, lovely parks, fascinating forests, wonderful lakelands, vast open bogs and a rich flora. All this even in four varied seasons. This brochure The Best Hikes in Tavastia presents a choice of 17 leisure hikes in Tavastia region. Hikes are mainly short and easy or just moderately demanding. Brochure shows the starting points and routes in overview maps. More maps are available at Remember proper shoes and clothing. Trips might take more time than estimated. The right to ramble in the nature is free and granted in Finnish everyman s rights. Don t litter or damage the nature or make fires except on fire places. We hope you enjoy these great trails. Have a good hike!

3 1. Vanajan rantareitti, Hämeenlinna Hämeen Linna Kustaa III:n katu Hämeenlinna 6 km 2 h This city path follows the Vanaja lake shore and offers great views to the lake and to the old castle all the way. Historic sights, beautiful parks and alleys, facinating city forest and rich meadow flora along the way. This path is easily accessible year around.

4 Aulanko Tennis courts Aulangontie Hämeenlinna 6 km 2 h This path follows a beautiful lake shore in Aulanko recreation area. Great views to the lake are accompanied by beautiful parks and alleys. Landscape, pavilions and diverse outdoor activities offer interesting sights along the way. Path is easily accessible.

5 3. Aulangonjärven polku, Hämeenlinna Aulangon Ulkoilumaja Linnanen Hämeenlinna 6 km 2 h Path goes around Aulanko lake in diverse forest landscape following footpaths, duckboard trails and roads. Route is marked by yellow signs. On a halfway after climbing up to a cliff route offers great views to the lake and to Aulanko tower. Great forest experience.

6 4. Aulangonmetsän polku, Hämeenlinna Aulangon Ulkoilumaja Linnanen Hämeenlinna 6,5 km 2 h Path goes in a beutiful Aulanko forest parkland. Path follows first the lake shore and then goes up to more ridgelike pine forest. Dry peaty forest is accompanied by more moist areas and mixed by naturally growing spruces, birches, oaks, asps, rowans and rich other flora. Swan pond with ducks and arboretum with rare species are on the way. Easily accessible.

7 5. Aulangon näkötorni, Hämeenlinna Aulangon näkötorni car park Aulangon puistotie Hämeenlinna 4 km 1,5-2 h The tower, built in 1907, offers spectacular views over to the beautiful Finnish lakeland. The view has also inspired composer Jean Sibelius in his Finlandia melody. Stairs lead down to the statues of bear cave. There are 322 steps. Beautiful Aulanko forest parkland offers a lot to see in relaxing nature environment. Swan pond Arboretum Thuja trees Rose pavilion Tower View spot terrace Stairs to bear cave

8 6. Ahveniston olympiareitti, Hämeenlinna Ahvenisto Activity Park Olympiakatu Hämeenlinna 5 km 2 h This original Olympics year 1952 Pentathlon cross-country running route goes up and down on a ridge passing diverse forest landscapes. Route is marked by Olympics sign. Some parts of the path are a bit more demanding.

9 7. Ahveniston luontopolku, Hämeenlinna Ahvenisto Activity Park Olympiakatu Hämeenlinna 2 km / 6 km 1 h / 2,5 h 6 km Longer route, Ahveniston luontopolku, is marked by yellow triangle signs. Path goes up and down in a beutiful and ridgelike landscape passing diverse forests, bogs and plentiful vegetation. Path is a bit more demanding. Shorter route is easily accessible and goes around the lake. 2 km

10 8. Untulanharju, Hämeenlinna Evontie 161 (Untulantie 1) Hämeenlinna 3 km 1 h Path with some stairs along the way goes up and down in natural reserve of ridgelike deciduous forest. Especially nutritious soil provides very rich flora and natural substratum for rare species in Finland as naturally growing linden trees and hazel bushes.

11 9. Niemisjärven luontopolku, Hämeenlinna Niemisjärventie Hämeenlinna 3 km 1 h Niemisjärven luontopolku is marked by blue circle signs. At first the path goes through an old primeval forest which is populated also by flying squirrels. Then path goes through a cultivated forest and continues to a beutiful ridge and then passes a bog at the end.

12 10. Heinisuo, Hämeenlinna Pillisuontie Hämeenlinna From highway 10 exit to Suvipielisentie and then continue to Pillisuontie 4 km 1-1,5 h Path starts from side of the road ca 50m from car park to east. In the beginning and in the end the path goes mostly in dry peaty forest with pines and spruces. In the middle the path goes through a beutiful open bog on duckboard trails. Path is marked by yellow signs.

13 11. Pääjärvi, Hämeenlinna Härkätie Hämeenlinna 4,5 km 1,5 h Path goes in a beutiful diverse landscape close to the lake. Path goes up and down on the ridges and through variety of forest lands. Lake is peeping out all the way. Rich flora and fauna. Flying squirrels and lots of waterfowls populate the area. Route is clearly marked by yellow rectangular signs.

14 12. Saaren kansanpuisto, Tammela Saaren kansanpuisto Portaantie Tammela 3,5 km 1,5 h Path goes around a beutiful peninsula. Path has great views to the lake almost all the time. Path follows the lake shore and goes then to a top of the ridge. Mainly pine forest. Path is a bit more demanding due to the long stairs and rocks on the path at the end of the route.

15 13. Torronsuon reitti, Tammela Torronsuo National Park Somerontie Tammela 10 km 3 h Path goes along sturdy duckboard trails over a vast and open bog where flora is poor but persistent. Migrating cranes and geese may be seen in spring and autumn. After bog the path goes in mixed forest continuing to a road and through an old village. At the end route goes on sidewalk of a highway. Re-routing the path off the highway is under construction.

16 14. Hyypiön reitti, Tammela Kanteluksentie Tammela 6 km 2 h Route starts from car park close to the lake shore and continues along an impressively narrow and long peninsula forward and back. Then path turns to left to fluffy and deciduous forest land. After road crossing the land changes to more ridgelike and dry peaty forest with pines. Path rises up to the Hyypiö cliffs with spectacular views down to the lake.

17 15. Pohjantikan kierros, Tammela Korteniementie Tammela 5 km 4 km / 5 km 1,5 h / 2 h Routes starts from the car park area at the end of Korteniementie. Routes are marked by red and blue rectangular signs. Routes offer a great mixture of forest, lake shore, bogs and fields. Paths contain in some parts rocks, roots and duckboard trails. Korteniemen perinnetila is an open-air traditional Finnish farm in a natural setting with hayfields, cultivated fields and pastures. 4 km

18 16. Iso-Melkuttimen reitti, Loppi Tauluntie Loppi 7 km 2 h Path goes around a beutiful lake. Lake has spectacularly clear water. Path follows the lake shore and has great lake views all the way. At start the landscape is flat and easily accessible but on halfways there are also some hills. Path is marked at start by yellow lynx signs and then around the lake by blue signs.

19 17. Rapolan harjun polku, Valkeakoski Rapolan Linnavuori Sääksmäentie Valkeakoski 6 km 2 h Path goes around a ridge, Rapolan linnavuori, which has had an old Finnish habitation from Iron age. Along the path there are still left and visible some remainings of rock stacks, offering stones and ruins of an old fortress. From top of the ridge are great views to a nearby lake.

20 Hiking trails on map Tourist Information Raatihuoneenkatu 11 FI Hämeenlinna Phone: Download your free copy