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1 TURUN YLIOPISTON JULKAISUJA - ANNALES UNIVERSITATIS TURKUENSIS - SARJAN JULKAISUT VUOSINA Publication in Annales Universitatis Turkuensis-series Sarja/Series A I. Astronomica - Chemica - Physica - Mathematica ISSN R ami Vainio, Monte-Carlo Simulations of Interplanetary Transport and Acceleration of Energetic Particles. 111 p Timo Piironen, Immunodetection of Prostatic Glandular Kallikreins. 125 p Heikki Heimo, Of the Production and Recovery of a Fungal Glucoamylase and a Human Alkaline Phosphatase from Yeasts. 140 p Reijo Laihia, Investigation of the Electronic Structure of Solids using the LMTO-method. 98 p Pauli Ollikka, Lignin Peroxidases of Phanerochaete chrysosporium and Their Use in the Degradation of Dyes. 121 p Pekka Malmi, Diffusion Studies in Solid Hydrogen. 120 p Petriina Paturi, Laser Ablation of Superconducting YBCO Films from Nanopowder Target and Preparation of Mesoscopic YBCO/Au Interfaces. 109 p Pekka Heinämäki, Groups of Galaxies: Observations of Groups and Simulations of Post-Merger Interactions of Supermassive Black Holes. 136 p Kimmo Nurmi, Genetic Algorithms for Timetabling and Traveling Salesman Problems. 160 p Qiu-Ping Qin, Maternal Serum Screening for Down Syndrome in the First Trimester with Special Emphasis on Pregnancy Associated Plasma Protein A (PAPP-A). 144 p Andrei Kaikkonen, Multiple-Quantum Coherences in Solids. 101 p Vesa-Pekka Lehto, Isothermal Microcalorimetry Studies on Solid State Stability of Pharmaceuticals. 103 p

2 238.Arvi Hakanen, Methods for Excitation of Luminescing Terbium(III) Chelates in Aqueous Solutions. 93 p Harri Pietilä, The Role of Binary Black Holes in Galactic Nuclei. 109 p Eero Kiljunen, Biocatalysis for the Preparation of Enantiopure Cyanohydrins. 107 p Sanna-Maria Käkönen, Heterogeneity of Circulating Forms of Osteocalcin: Development of Specific Immunoassays for their Determination. 136 p Marko Virta, Improving Bioluminescent Bacterial Sensor Systems. 91 p Ilkka Salomaa, Analysis and Compensation of Spectral Distortions Encountered in Two-Beam Interferometry. 98 p Sisko Tauriainen, Microbial Metal Sensors. 92 p Erkki Hiltunen, Medium Range Order and Structural Transformations in Some Metallic Glasses. 96 p Jarno Salonen, Studies on Porous Silicon Oxidation and Structure. 118 p Veli-Matti Leppänen, Structural Studies on Pyruvate Formate Lyase. 106 p Riikka Kinos, Bovine DNA Markers in Mapping Loci Affecting Milk Production Traits. 84 p Juha Plosila, Self-timed Circuit Design - The Action Systems Approach. 260 p Marko Punkkinen, Theoretical Investigation Concerning Transition Metal Compounds and Alloys and Some Oxide Systems by using Various LMTO Methods. 80 p Pirjo Rantamäki, Biochemical Effects of Crude Oil on the Common Mussel Mytilus edulis. 176 p Kirsi Savijoki, Biochemical and Molecular Genetic Characterization of Flavour associated Lactobacillus Peptidases and a L(+) lactate Dehydrogenase from Lactobacillus helveticus. 120 p Ralf-Johan Lamminmäki, The Optical Properties and Simulation of the Energy Levels of the RE3+-ions in Rare Earth Oxychlorides. 126 p Terhi Rantanen, Molecular Genetic Characterization of Some Key Peptidases from Lactobacillus Strains used in the Dairy Industry. 102 p Jaana Kantola, Biosynthetic Pathways for Aromatic Polyketides and Use of Polyketide Biosynthetic Genes for Combinatorial Biosynthesis. 138 p Konstantin Traito, Effects of Magnetic Flux Structure on Electrodynamic and Magnetic Properties of Type-II Superconductors. 140 p Asko M. Aurela, Sets of Irreducibly Implicit Equations as Solutions of Differential Equations. 11 p

3 258. Jussi Kurittu, Development of Bioluminescent Sensor Bacteria for the Detection of Tetracycline Antibiotics. 111 p Mika Tuomola, New Methods for the Measurement of Androstenone and Skatole Compounds Associated with Boar Taint Problem. 94 p Tapio Pursimo, Optical Studies of BL Lacertae Objects. 115 p Seppo Wirén, Small Galaxy Group Mergers and Quasars. 151 p Pekka Pohjanjoki, Functional Properties of Soluble Inorganic Pyrophosphatase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. 140 p Peltola, Timo. Nanoscale Dimensions and In vitro Calcium Phosphate Formation: Studies on Sol Gel Derived Materials and Bioactive Glass. 158 p Lappalainen, Juha. Improved Use and New Applications of Luminescent Bacteria. 98 p Haarto, Antti. Estimation Methods for Sky Radiance Distribution from Multipyranometer Observations. 121 p Ahola, Manja. Sol Gel Derived Silica Gels in Controlled Drug Delivery: Evaluation of Tissue Effects and Possibilities to Control the Release Rate of Drug. 121 p Saviranta, Petri. Immunoassay Improvement by Molecular Engineering. 131 p Hanski, Mikko. Cosmological Distances, Dynamics, and Distributions. A Journey to H0 and beyond via 6619 Spiral Galaxies. 138 p Ollonqvist, Tapio. Vacuum Ultraviolet Grating Inverse Photoemission Spectrometer: Instrumentation and Applications. 103 p Anttila, Antti. Energetic Particles Associated with Coronal Mass Ejections. 130 p Ylikoski, Alice. Quantitative Detection of Prostate specific Antigen and Human Glandular Kallikrein 2 mrnas. 124 p Multamäki, Tuomas. On the Properties and Cosmology of Q balls. 127 p Härmä, Harri. Particle based Bioaffinity Assay Systems Sensitive Miniature Single particle Immunoassay. 120 p Nurmi, Pasi. Long Term Simulations of the Dynamical Evolution of Comets and Meteoroids. 128 p Torkkell, Sirke. Anthracycline Antibiotics: Biosynthetic Pathway and Molecular Genetics of Nogalamycin, a Product of Streptomyces nogalater. 148 p Wang, Yulong. Tailoring of Aclacinomycin Antibiotics by Aklavinone 11 hydroxylase (RdmE), Aclacinomycin Methyl Esterase (RdmC) and Aclacinomycin 10 hydroxylase (RdmB). 128 p

4 277. Nyman, Samuel. NMR Spectroscopic Applications to Biomedicine. 156 p Lastusaari, Mika. Structural, Magnetic and Spectroscopic Properties of Rare Earth Luminescent Materials. 156 p Kotoneva, Eira. K Dwarfs and the Chemical Evolution of the Milky Way. 111 p Ahro, Mikko. FT IR Spectroscopy as a Second Generation Electronic Nose Food Industry Applications. 125 p Soini, Juhani. Development of Instrumentation for Single Step, Multiplexed, Microvolume Bioaffinity Assays. 166 p Huhtinen, Hannu. Mechanisms of Pulsed Laser Deposition of Thin YBa2Cu3O7 * Films from Nanostructured Targets. 130 p Salminen, Anu. Discovery of a New Family of Soluble Pyrophosphatases and the Functional Role of Quaternary Structure in Pyrophosphatases. 108 p Heikkilä, Lauri. Electroluminescence in Si/SiO2 Layer Structures. 99 p Saleem, Ammar. Biological Activity of Plant Phenolics with an Emphasis on Pakistani Plants used in Traditional Health Care. 136 p Nurmi, Jussi. Illuminating the Genome: Nucleic Acid Sequence Detection in a Closed Tube. 104 p Kunnari, Tero. Structural Elucidation of Anthracycline Antibiotics Produced by Various Wild, Mutant, or Hybrid Streptomyces spp. 116 p Pellonpää, Juha Pekka. Covariant Phase Observables in Quantum Mechanics. 188 p Kauppinen, Ismo. Audio Signal Restoration with Modern Digital Signal Processing Techniques. 109 p Salminen, Juha Pekka. Birch Leaf Hydrolysable Tannins: Chemical, Biochemical and Ecological Aspects. 163 p Murtomaa, Matti. Electrostatic Studies on Pharmaceutical Powders and Aerosols. 118 p Ala Kleme, Timo. Hot Electron Induced Electrogenerated Chemiluminescence. 146 p Kujala, Tytti. Betalains and Phenolics in Plant Extracts, Especially Red Beetroot (Beta vulgaris). 98 p Niemelä, Pauliina. Circulating Forms of Free Prostate Specific Antigen and Their Use in Prostate Cancer Diagnostics. 114 p Karhu, Hannu. XPS Studies of Alumina and Silica Supported Pt, Pd and CuO Catalysts with Ba, La and Ce Modifiers. 161 p

5 296. Sjöroos, Minna. Determination of HLA Polymorphisms by Time Resolved Fluorometric DNA Hybridisation Assays. 138 p Socha, Robert Piotr. The Influence of SiC Oxidation on Electrochemical Codeposition of SiC Particles with Nickel. 111 p Riehokainen, Alexandr. Weak Radio Enhanced Temperature Regions at High and Low Solar Latitudes. 85 p Brasser, Rámon. Aspects of Solar System and Three Body Dynamics. 105 p Kankaanpää, Mikko Nuclear Spin Lattice Relaxation in Tunnelling Three and Four Spin Groups. 117 p Laitinen, Timo. Energetic Particle Acceleration and Transport in Wave heated Solar Wind. 116 p Koblik, Viacheslav. De Motu Veli Solaris in Vicinitate Solis. Solar Sail Motion in Near Sun Regions. Controlled Spaceflight Dynamics. 124 p Paaso, Nina. Characterization of Humic Matter. Sorption of Organochloro Compounds on the Humic Matter. 181 p Soukka, Tero. Immunoassay Designs and Potential of Particulate Photoluminescent Lanthanide Reporters. 172 p Lamminmäki, Urpo. Towards Improved Hapten Binders: Structural Characterization and Molecular Engineering of an Anti 17ß Estradiol Antibody Fab Fragment. 177 p Soini, Aleksi E. Monosubstituted Phosphorescent Metalloporphyrin Labeling Reagents Syntheses and Applications in Bioanalysis. 160 p Sinkkonen, Jari. NMR Spectroscopy and Structure Determination. Stereochemistry, Rotamerism and Tautomerism in O, N, and S containing Heterocyclic Compounds. 120 p Metsä Ketelä, Mikko. Harnessing the Potential for Antibiotic Production within Streptomyces Genomes: from Gene Detection to Antibiotic Production. 131 p Björkqvist, Mikko. Characterization of Porous Silicon Structure and Stability for Humidity Sensor Applications. 109 p Raittila, Jussi. Synthesis and Applications of YBCO Nanopowder. 96 p Hietakangas, Ville. Posttranslational Regulation Involved in HSF1 and HSF2 mediated Transcription. 138 p Sahla, Tero. Analysis of Directional Distributions of Solar Energetic Particles Detected by SOHO/ERNE. 99 p Nuutila, Jari. Interrelations between Receptor Expression, Respiratory Burst, and Phagocytosis. 127 p

6 314. Kaukinen, Ulla. The Effect of Base Sequence and Secondary Structure on the Reactivity of RNA Phosphodiester Bonds. 105 p Virta, Pasi. Multipodal Scaffolds for Solid Phase Synthesis of Branched and Homodetic Bicyclic Peptides. 89 p Reunanen, Juha. Near Infrared Studies of Active Galaxies. 123 p Peltoniemi, Kirsi. Molecular Genetic Characterisation of an Oligopeptide Transport System from Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus and Some Key Peptidases from Lactobacillus helveticus. 118 p Katajainen, Seppo. Polarimetric Studies of Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables. 90 p Vaara, Riikka Liisa. Rare Earth Metal Induced Nanoscale Structures on Si(111) Surface Studied by Scanning Tunneling Microscope and Low Energy Electron Diffraction. 107 p Rappu, Pekka. De Novo Purine Nucleotide Biosynthesis in Gram positive Bacteria: Regulation of Bacillus subtilis pura Encoding Adenylosuccinate Synthetase. 108 p Korpimäki, Teemu. A Food Safety Enterprise: Engineering and Application of an Antibody for Multiresidue Screening of Sulfonamides. 106 p Salminen, Jyri. Magnetic Properties of the Correlated Electron Materials La1 xcaxmno3, La1 xcaxfeymn1 yo3 and La2 x ysrxmnycuo p Wahlroos, Tony. Modification of Histidine Content in Transgenic Brassica rapa Plants. 76 p Liljeblad, Arto. Toward Enantiomers of Di and Trifunctional Carboxylic Esters by Acylase I and Lipases A and B from Candida antarctica; Studies on Enantio, Chemo and Regioselectivity. 117 p Nummelin, Heli. The Structure of Yersinia Adhesin A Collagen Binding Domain. 101 p Mäkelä, Pertti. Energetic Particle Observations with the ERNE Experiment on board the SOHO Spacecraft. 119 p Belogurov, Georgiy. Pyrophosphate Energized Proton Pumps: Identification of the Residues Determining K+ Requirements and Discovery of a Na+ Dependent Enzyme. 76 p Karvinen, Jarkko. New Tools for High Throughput Screening: Homogeneous Quenching Assays for Hydrolyzing Enzymes Based on Time Resolved Fluorometry. 123 p Rekola, Rami T.F. Distance Determinations to Nearby Galaxies. 109 p von Lode, Piia. Novel Quantitative Immunoassays for High-Performance Point-of-Care Testing. 173 p Halonen, Pasi. Metal-activated Phosphohydrolases: Soluble Inorganic Pyrophosphatase, a Case Study. 149 p

7 332. Eriksson, Susann. Novel Immunoassays for Cardiac Troponin I: Reducing Negative Interference from Troponin Autoantibodies. 137 p Katajisto, Johanna. Solid-Phase Synthesis of Peptide and Oligonucleotide Glycoconjugates. 90 p Poijärvi, Päivi. Prodrug Strategies of Antisense Oligonucleotides: Biodegradable 2,2-Disubstituted 3- Pivaloyloxypropyl Phosphate Protections. 154 p Zang, Zhibo. Synthesis of Monofunctionalized Polyazamacrocycles: Potential Cleaving Agents for mrna 5'-cap Structure. 119 p Santala, Ville. Implications of Tight Binding: Capture of Antibody Fragments and Recovery of High- Affinity Binders in Phage Display. 126 p Lehtonen, Tero. Molecular Composition of Aquatic Humic Substances: Analytical Pyrolysis and Capillary Electrophoresis. 147 p Tähtinen, Petri. NMR Spectroscopic and Computational Studies on Fully or Partially Saturated 1,3- Oxazines Fused to Five- or Six-membered Carbocycles. 108 p Meltola, Niko. Dipyrrylmetheneboron Difluorides as Labels in Two-photon Excited Fluorometry. 135 p Laukkanen, Pekka. Atomic and Electronic Properties of GaAs(100) and InAs(100) Semiconductor Surfaces. 94 p Liljeberg, Pasi. On Self-Timed Communication Architectures for Network-on-Chip. 194 p Lönnberg, Tuomas. Chemical Models for RNA Catalysis by Large Ribozymes. 109 p Salomäki, Mikko. Buildup, Structure and Physical Properties of Some Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films. 109 p Heinonen, Teiko. Imprecise Measurements in Quantum Mechanics. 124 p Aitasalo, Tuomas. Disilicate Based Persistent Luminescence Materials p Niittykoski, Janne. Persistent Luminescence of Rare Earth Doped Aluminates. 152 p Järvinen, Jarno. Studies of Two-Dimensional Atomic Hydrogen Gas with Electron-Spin Resonance. 94 p Tammi, Joni. Particle Acceleration and Turbulence Transmission in Relativistic Parallel Shocks. 84 p Leskinen, Piia. Developing Yeast-Cell-Based Assays for Measuring Endocrine Disrupters in the Environment. 86 p Ketomäki, Kaisa. Mixed-Phase Bioaffinity Assays on Polymer Microparticles: Quantification of Oligonucleotide Hybridization and Peptide-Antibody Binding by Europium (III) Fluorescence. 111 p

8 351. Lahtinen, Maria. Birch Leaf Surface Flavonoids. Chemical Analysis and Their Role as Defensive Compounds and Potential Chemotaxonomic Markers. 131 p Huhtinen, Petri. Lanthanide Nanoparticles Preparation and New Applications in Bioaffinity Assays. 110 p Kivelä, Henri. NMR Spectroscopic Structure Elucidation of N-, O-, and P-Containing Heterocycles: Constitution, Configuration and Conformation. 125 p , Lundell, Katri. Approach to Enantiopure Amino Ethanols by Lipase Catalysis: Studies on Chemo- and Enantioselectivity. 103 p Hakkila, Kaisa. Metals and the Environment; Engineering of Bacterial Bioreporters for More Specific Metal Detection. 94 p Savolainen, Tuomas. Multifrequency VLBI Studies of Compact Extragalactic Jets. 154 p Mattila, Sari. Surface Studies of Metal Chalcogenides. 92 p Flynn, Chris (ed.). Few-Body Problem: Theory and Computer Simulations. 154 p Koissi, Niangoran. Triformylmethane- and Halomalonaldehyde-Derived Cyclic Adducts of Purine Nucleosides. 135 p Kauko, Anni. Iron and Oxidative Stress: Structural Studies on Dps-like Peroxide Resistance Protein (Dpr) from Streptococcus suis. 109 p Väisänen, Ville. Measurement of Human Glandular Kallikrein p Safonchik, Mikhail. Nonlocal Effects on Vortex Properties in Mixed State of Type II Superconductors. 121 p Tammenkoski, Marko. One Bond - Many Enzymes: Functional Studies of Three Enzymes Hydrolyzing the Phosphoanhydride Bond. 106 p Kuningas, Katri. Towards Photoluminescence-Based Homogeneous Immunoassays in Whole Blood: Upconverting Inorganic Lanthanide Phosphors as Novel Reporters. 124 p Wang, Qi. Synthesis of Dinucleating Azacrown Ligands and Studies on Their Metal Ion Complexes as Cleaving Agents of RNA Phosphodiester Bonds. 101 p Lehtinen, Niina. Multiwavelength Studies of Solar Eruptions. 105 p Peurla, Markus. Magnetic Flux Pinning in YBa2Cu3O6+x Films Prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition from Pure and BaZrO3 Doped Nanocrystalline Targets. 106 p Lindfors, Elina J. Modelling the Emission Mechanisms in Relativistic Jets. 83 p Kokko, Leena. Eu(III)-chelate Dyed Nanoparticles: Radiant Label Technology for Homogeneous Assays. 120 p

9 370.Ropo, Matti. Ab Initio Simulation of Substitutionally Disordered Materials. 100 p Holopainen, Janne. Investigations of Structure in Dark Matter Haloes. 70 p Lehtinen, Janne. Improvements in the Assessment of Bacterial Viability and Killing. 116 p Viinikanoja, Antti. Self-Assembled Electroactive Mono and Multilayers: Preparation, Structure and Properties. 139 p Karonen, Maarit. Plant Proanthocyanidins. Characterization and Quantification by Degradation Methods, HPLC-DAD/ESI-MS and NMR. 139 p Tenho, Mikko. Significance of Crystallographic Properties in Pharmaceutical Compacts. 108 p Tervonen, Tommi. New directions in Stochastic Multicriteria Acceptability Analysis. 152 p Kulmala, Vesa. An Investigation of the Spectroscopic and Chemical Properties of PdAg and MgB2 Using LMTO Electronic Structure Calculations. 72 p Mäkelä, Harri. Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates and Topological Defects. 107 p Elo, Laura. Strategies for Dealing with Incomplete Information in Gene Expression Studies. 154 p Kiukas, Jukka. Moment Operators of Observables in Quantum Mechanics, with Applications to Quantization and Homodyne Detection. 159 p Koivikko, Riitta. Brown algal Phlorotannins: Improving and applying chemical Methods. 120 p Casagrande, Luca. The Cosmic Production of Helium. 150 p Välimaa, Lasse. Streptavidin - A Versatile Binding Protein for Solid-Phase Immunoassays. 145 p Koskinen, Janne. Two-Photon Excitation Fluorometry in Detection of Infectious Diseases. 130 p Laiho, Taina. Surface Studies of Thiolate Adsorbates on Some Metals.102 p Kallio, Pauli. Type II aromatic polyketide biosynthetic tailoring enzymes: diversity and adaptation in Streptomyces secondary metabolism Perälä, Riitta. Studies of Eu- and Yb-induced reconstructions on the Si(100) surface. 140 p Vuorema, Anne. Reduction and Analysis Methods of Indigo Poikonen, Jussi. Efficient Channel Modeling Methods for Mobile Communication Systems Valanne, Antti. Nanoparticle Labels in Bioaffinity Assays Ylikotila, Johanna. Highly functional binding surface for miniaturised solid-phase immunoassays. A spot story Martiskainen, Olli. Tautomerism and Fragmentation of Biologically Active Hetero Atom (O, N)- Containing Acyclic and Cyclic Compounds Under Electron Ionization

10 393.Jääskeläinen, Anu. Design and production of protein nanostructures for biomolecular detection Hyvönen, Tomi. Evolution and Stellar Content of AGN Host Galaxies Uotila, Juho. Use of the Optical Cantilever Microphone in Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Malinen, Anssi. Discovery and Characterization of Na+-Transporting Pyrophosphatases Hagren, Virve. Food Safety Testing: Rapid Molecular Methods for Chemical and Biological Hazards Kokko, Tiina. Lanthanide Chelates as Donors in Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer: Exciting Prospects for Bioaffinity Assay Detection Jäykkä, Juha. On topological solitons in the Faddeev-Skyrme model and its extensions Eskola, Hanna. Mechanistic population models in biology: Model derivation and application in evolutionary studies. 401.Florea-Wang, Diana. Reactions of Chlorambucil and its main metabolite, Phenylacetic Acid Mustard, with 2'-deoxyribonucleosides and Calf Thymus DNA Wittfooth, Saara. Free PAPP-A: a Novel Marker in Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients, 403.Suominen, Tanja. Magnetic Perovskites Sr2FeMoO6 and La1-xCaxMnO3: Synthesis, Fabrication and Characterization of Nanosized Powders and Thin Films Al-Sawad, Amjal. Multi-eruption Solar Energetic Particle Events Observed by SOHO/ERNE Kiviniemi, Minna. Homogeneous Assays for Simplified Screening of HLA-conferred Genetic Disease Risk Brockmann, Eeva-Crsintine. Evolution of Bioaffinity Reagents by Phage Display Jokinen, Johanna. Conformational Regulation of alpha2beta1 Integrin in Ligand Binding Sarvikas, Päivi. Photoinhibition of Photosystem II. Kinetics, photoprotection and mechanism Gardner, Esko. Small and Large Scale Dynamics in the Milky Way Nigussie, Ethiopia, Exploration and Design of High Performance Variation Tolerant On-Chip Interconnects Schlesier, Kim. Superconducting properties and their enhancement in ReBa2Cu3O7-delta (RE = Y and Gd) films prepared by pulsed laser deposition Ahokas, Janne. Magnetic Resonance Experiments with Atomic Hydrogen Mazzola, Laura. Non-Markovianity and Quantum Correlations in Qubit-Systems

11 414.Lintala, Minna. Leaf-Targeted Ferredoxin-NADP+-Oxidoreductase (FNR): Electron Transfer Properties and Thylakoid Association in Arabidopsis thaliana Härkönen, Kari. Studies on the Multifaceted Interaction of Atoms and an Electromagnetic Field Villforth, Carolin. Variability in Active Galactic Nuclei: Understanding Emission Mechanisms and Unification Models Tuominen, Heidi. The Structural Basis for inorganic Pyrophosphatase Catalysis and Regulation Korhonen, Heidi. The Significance of Hydrogen Bonding Interactions in the Cleavage of RNA Niemi, Sami-Matias. Properties of Galaxies and Groups: Nature versus Nurture Bhayo, Barkat Ali. Quasiconformal mappings and inequalities involving special functions Jämsen, Joonas. Functional studies on bacterial nucleotide-regulated inorganic pyrophosphatases Lepistö, Anna. NADPH-Dependent Thioredoxin System in Regulation of Chloroplast Functions Kuismanen, Heidi. Leptogenesis as the origin of matter-antimatter asymmetry in extra dimensional and supersymmetric models Laamanen, Taneli. Defects in Persistent Luminescence Materials Rastorgueva, Elizaveta. Multifrequency VLBI Observations of Selected Active Galactic Nuclei Kiviniemi, Anu. Studies on Intrachain Conjugation, Hybridization and Invasion of Oligonucleotides Riuttamäki, Terhi. Upconverting Phosphor Technology: Exceptional Photoluminescent Properties Light Up Homogeneous Bioanalytical Assays Tuuna, Sampo. Modeling and Analysis of Noise and Interconnects for On-Chip Communication Link Design Daneshtalab, Masoud, Exploring Adaptive Implementation of On-Chip Networks Mai, Anja. In The Footsteps of Migrating Cancer Cells Haikarainen, Teemu. DPS-LIKE PEROXIDE RESISTANCE PROTEIN: Structural and Functional Studies on a Versatile Nanocontainer Irjala, Matti. The effect of various doping methods on superconducting properties of pulsed laser deposited YBa(2)Cu(3)O(7-delta) thin films Kuokkanen, Elina. Characterisation of Human Neutral and Lysosomal alpha-mannosidases Dalton Carmel. Novel CO2 regulated Proteins in Synechocystis PCC

12 435.Ketola, Kirsi. Chemical Biology Screen for Prostate Cancer Therapeutics Hyppänen, Iko. Frequency-Domain and Wide-Pulse Time-Domain Measurements of Lanthanide Luminescence and Lanthanide-Based Resonance Energy Transfer Ruggero,Vasile. Non-Markovian dynamics in continuous variable quantum systems Shunmugam, Sumathy Cyanobacteria from the Baltic Sea and Finnish lakes as an energy source and modulators of bioenergetic pathways Paavola, Janika. Non-Markovian dyanamics and the quantum-to-classical transition for quantum Brownian motion Peltola, Mari.Free Prostate-specific Antigen Forms and Kallikrein-related Peptidase 2: Tools for Prostate Cancer Diagnostics Schultz, Jussi. Quantum Tomography with Phase Space Measurements Zheng, Wukui. Novel Structure of a Direct Methanol Fuel Cell: Design,Research and Assembly Salmela, Anna-Leena. The Spindle Assembly Checkpoint as a Drug Target - Novel Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Aurora Kinases Takala, Eelis. The Laser Quenching Technique For Studying The Magneto-thermal Instability In High Critical Current Density Superconducting Strands For Accelerator Magnets Vainio, Otto. Spin-Dynamics in Cold Gases of 87Rb and Atomic Hydrogen Lehtonen Eero. Memristive Computing Lietzen, Heidi. Environments of active galaxies Jalkanen, Tero. Porous silicon optical filters in gas sensing applications Oja, Terhi. Biosynthesis of Pyranonaphthoquinone Polyketides: Characterization of the Alnumycin Pathway Kankaanranta, Jarno. Applications of Industrial Statistics Karelkina Volha. Qualitative Characteristics and Quantitative Measures of Solutionas Reliability in Discrete Optimization: Traditional Analytical Approaches, Innovative Computational Methods and Applicability Guang, Liang. Hierarchical Agent-based Adaptation for Self-Aware Embedded Computing Systems Lahti, Matti.. The Structure and Function of αi Domains in Collagen Receptor and Leukocyte Integrins Itälä, Eero. Fragmentation Processes in Organic Molecules induced by Synchrotron Radiation

13 455.Sainio, Jani. Perturbative and Non-Perturbative. Studies of Reheating in the Curvaton Scenario. 2012/2013. Sarja/Series A II. Biologica - Geographica - Geologica ISSN Janne Uuttera, Impact of Management History on Forest Structure and Composition in Eastern and Central Finland. 135 p Kari J. Karhu, Green Islands: Top-down and Bottom-up Effects of Wood Ants in Forests under Folivore Attack. 82 p Johanna Myllyharju, Mammalian Metaphase Chromosome Structure: Structural Basis of G-banding and Distribution of Glycosylated Nonhistone Proteins. 94 p Paula Mulo, Mutagenesis of the D-E Loop in the Photosystem II Reaction Centre Protein D1. Consequences for the Assembly, Function and Turnover of Photosystem II in Synechocystis sp. PCC p Kaija Hakala, Effect of Climate Change in the North on Growth, Yield Formation and Photosynthesis of Spring Wheat and Meadow Fescue. 160 p Ulrika Candolin, Constraints on Sexual Signalling in the Threespine Stickleback. 72 p Minna Koivula, Detection of Vole Scent Marks by Avian and Mammalian Predators: Role of Ultraviolet Sensitivity. 83 p Anna Shevtsova, Responses of Subarctic Dwarf Shrubs to Climate Change and Air Pollution. 127 p Risto Kalliola & Salvados Flores Paitán (eds.), Geoecologia y desarrollo Amazónico: estudio integrado en la zona de Iquitos, Perú. 544 p Heli M. Jutila, Vegetation and Seed Bank of Grazed and Ungrazed Baltic Coastal Meadows in SW Finland. 191 p Juha Kääriä, Reproduction of the Baltic Herring (Clupea harengus membras L.): Factors Affecting the Selection of Spawning Beds in the Archipelago Sea, in SW Finland. 88 p Janne Lappalainen, Leaf Microfungi and Insect Herbivores on Birch: Relationships, Environmental Effects and Tree Properties. 72 p Susanna Puustinen, The Effects of Biotic Factors on the Interaction between Hemiparasitic Plants and their Hosts. 132 p Jari Valkama, Factors Affecting Breeding Success and Behaviour in the Curlew on Farmland. 122 p

14 120.Satu Latvala-Kilby, Molecular Characterization and Diagnostics of Blackcurrant Reversion Nepovirus. 116 p Anne-Mari Ventelä, Lake Restoration and Trophic Interactions: is the Classical Food Chain Theory Sufficient? 148 p Otso Suominen, Mammalian Herbivores, Vegetation and Invertebrate Assemblages in Boreal Forests: Feeding Selectivity, Ecosystem Engineering and Trophic Effects. 132 p Erja Huusela-Veistola, Effects of Pesticide Use and Perennial Grass Strips on Arthropod Fauna in a Northern Field Ecosystem. 95 p Pirjo Elamo, Birch Rust and Endophytic Fungi in Birch Leaves: Effects of Host Plant Genetic Background and Environmental Factors. 88 p Katja Sippola, Regulation of psba Gene Expression in the Cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. PCC p Yang-Dong Guo, Biotechnological Improvement in Crop Breeding. Study of Androgenic and Somatic Embryogenesis and Plant Regeneration in Turnip Rape, Timothy and Rye. 120 p Kyösti Lempa, Resource Allocation among Growth, Herbivore Resistance and Reproduction in Birch: A Developmental Persperctive. 88 p Marko Laine, Development of Molecular Methods for Studies of Virulence in Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus. 120 p Tiina Lecklin, The Effects of Thermal and Seasonal Acclimation on the Function of Teleost Erythrocyte. 82 p Miia Tanhuanpää, The Role of Natural Enemies in Preventing Outbreaks of Epirrita autumnata in Southern Finland. 118 p Jaana Vormisto, Palms in the Rainforests of Peruvian Amazonia: Uses and Distribution.114 p Sari Paavanen-Huhtala, Molecular-based Assays for the Determination of Diversity and Indentification of Fusarium and Gliocladium fungi. 117 p Riitta Nissinen, Gram Positive Phytopathogenic Bacterium Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. Sepedonicus: Virulence Factors and Interactions with Plants. 114 p Miska Luoto, Landscape Ecological Analysis and Modelling of Habitat and Species Diversity in Agricultural Landscapes Using GIS. 144 p Burnett, Charles. Visualization and Analysis of Landscape in Information Space. 145 p Pursiheimo, Saijaliisa. Light Acclimation of Photosystem II: Role of Thylakoid Protein Phosphorylation. 123 p

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20 243.Routti, Heli. Biotransformation and endocrine disruptive effects of contaminants in ringed seals implications for monitoring and risk assessment Salo, Matti. Knowledge Meets Landscape: Interacting People, Science, and Natural Resources in Amazonian Rainforests Swatdipong, Akarapong. Conservation Genetics of Exploited Finnish Salmonid Fishes Lahdenperä. Mirkka. Evolution of Prolonged Longevity in Humans Oikonen, Mervi. Ecological and Epidemiological Analyses of Multiple Sclerosis Relapse Rate Vihervaara, Petteri. Impact of the globalizing forest industry on ecosystem services: Corporate responsibility and the management of coupled human-environment systems Saari, Susanna. Plant Endophyte in Food Chain - Friend or Foe? Tuovinen, Nanna. Past, present and future - assessing changes in aquatic environments using subfossil diatoms Haltia-Hovi, Eeva. Holocene Varved Lake Sediments as Records of Palaeoenvironmental Change and Geomagnetic Palaeosecular Variation in Eastern Finland Woodard, Jeremy. Genesis and Emplacement of Carbonatites and Lamprophyres in the Svecofennian Domain Rytkönen, Kalle. Molecular Evolution of Metazoan Hypoxia-inducing Factors Ruuskanen, Suvi. Maternal Effects in Birds - the Ecological and Evolutionary Significance of Yolk Androgens and other Egg Components Lehtonen, Paula. The molecular mechanisms and evolutionary significance of plumage colour variation in pied flycatchers (Ficedula hypoleuca) Sillanpää, Saila. Consequences of Pollution-related Carotenoid Limitation in Birds Joronen, Mikko. The Age of Planetary Space: On Heidegger, Being, and Metaphysics of Globalization Muola, Anne. The geographic mosaic of coevolving plant-herbivore interactions: genetic variation, local adaptation and plant secondary chemistry Ammunet, Tea. Trophic Interactions of Invasive Forest Herbivores and Consequences for the Resident Ecosystem Leppänen, Laura. Changing statehood: The spatial transformation of the Finnish state Tomé, Ricardo. Effects of habitat quality on the abundance, behaviour and breeding performance of owls: barn and little owls in agro-pastoral landscapes of Southern Europe Sirkiä, Päivi. Maintenance of Phenotypic Variation in Plumage Colouration in a Passerine Bird


INNOVATIONS FOR COMPETENCE MANAGEMENT Conference Proceedings Ilona Torniainen, Seija Mahlamäki-Kultanen, Petri Nokelainen & Paul Ilsley (eds.) INNOVATIONS FOR COMPETENCE MANAGEMENT Conference Proceedings Series C Articles, reports and other current publications,


ISBN-13 978-951-711-268-0 (PDF)

ISBN-13 978-951-711-268-0 (PDF) Suomen avaruustutkijoiden XI kansallinen COSPAR-kokous FinCOSPAR 2007 4.-5. 10. 2007 Korpilampi Ohjelma ja abstraktit Toim. Markku Poutanen ja Heli Suurmäki COSPARin kansalliskomitea Geodeettinen laitos


LIIKESIVISTYSRAHASTON APURAHAT KEVÄT 2014. KTM Pasi Aaltola 6.000 Managers and Accounting

LIIKESIVISTYSRAHASTON APURAHAT KEVÄT 2014. KTM Pasi Aaltola 6.000 Managers and Accounting LIIKESIVISTYSRAHASTON APURAHAT KEVÄT 2014 myönnetty summa KTM Pasi Aaltola 6.000 Managers and Accounting KTT, FM Leena Aarikka-Stenroos 4.000 Reference Communication in b-to-b Markets M.Sc Finance Peter


Creative Futures Conference Proceedings

Creative Futures Conference Proceedings Marjo Mäenpää & Taina Rajanti (eds) Creative Futures Conference Proceedings 10. -11. October 2007 in Pori, Finland Marjo Mäenpää, Taina Rajanti (eds.) Creative Futures Conference Proceedings Publication


Studying Market Place Cultures

Studying Market Place Cultures 8 2/ 2014 Studying Market Place Cultures Special issue on 3rd Nordic Conference on Consumer Research Studying Marketplace Cultures and Communities using Practice Theories: Methodological Challenges Practice


Business Dynamics and Scenarios of Change

Business Dynamics and Scenarios of Change Tekes Review 274/2010 Business Dynamics and Scenarios of Change Petri Ahokangas, Miikka Blomster, Lauri Haapanen, Matti Leppäniemi, Vesa Puhakka, Veikko Seppänen & Juhani Warsta 10 Petri Ahokangas, Miikka





The EIA process studied the impacts of the project on fishing and fishery in the sea areas. Fisherman s nets in Simo, 2008.

The EIA process studied the impacts of the project on fishing and fishery in the sea areas. Fisherman s nets in Simo, 2008. The EIA process studied the impacts of the project on fishing and fishery in the sea areas. Fisherman s nets in Simo, 2008. Cooperation with stakeholders is an important part of the business of a modern


The cultural construction of school mathematics and student achievement. Trends in Science Education Research from a German Perspective

The cultural construction of school mathematics and student achievement. Trends in Science Education Research from a German Perspective The cultural construction of school mathematics and student achievement Paul Andrews Stockholm University, Sweden In this talk I will consider the extent to which school mathematics


Tähtitiede - Astronomi - Astronomy 75 000

Tähtitiede - Astronomi - Astronomy 75 000 Magnus Ehrnroothin säätiö - Magnus Ehrnrooths stiftelse - The Magnus Ehrnrooth Foundation Myönnetyt apurahat 2015 - Beviljade stipendier 2015 - Grants awarded in 2015 Tähtitiede - Astronomi - Astronomy


Koneen Säätiön apurahat 2014

Koneen Säätiön apurahat 2014 Koneen Säätiön apurahat 2014 Tutkimusrahoituksen saajat yliopiston tai tutkimuslaitoksen mukaan (pois lukien Jakautuuko Suomi? ja Kielten elvytys -apurahat) Aalto-yliopisto 2 Cambridgen yliopisto 3 Helsingin





Finnish Journal of Ethnicity and Migration

Finnish Journal of Ethnicity and Migration Finnish Journal of Ethnicity and Migration Vol. 3, No. 1 / 2008 Publisher The Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration (ETMU) This journal is available online at


Muu tieteellinen julkaisutoiminta - Other scientific publications

Muu tieteellinen julkaisutoiminta - Other scientific publications Psykologian laitos Department of Psychology Väitöskirjat - Doctoral theses Kivijärvi, M. 2005: "A contented baby has a sensitive mother". The construct and determinants of maternal sensitivity behaviour,


Home Automation A Challenge for Electrical Designers, Contractors and Electricians

Home Automation A Challenge for Electrical Designers, Contractors and Electricians HELSINKI UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Faculty of Electronics, Communications and Automation Lighting Technology Degree Program Satu Marttila Home Automation A Challenge for Electrical Designers, Contractors


Katja Aalto, Eurajoki 12.000 Muutoksen logiikka - kenttätutkimus 11 palvelukeskuksen yhtiöittämisestä ja sen vaikutuksesta organisaation toimintaan.

Katja Aalto, Eurajoki 12.000 Muutoksen logiikka - kenttätutkimus 11 palvelukeskuksen yhtiöittämisestä ja sen vaikutuksesta organisaation toimintaan. LIIKESIVISTYSRAHASTON APURAHAT KEVÄT 2013 Myönnetty summa Katja Aalto, Eurajoki 12.000 Muutoksen logiikka - kenttätutkimus 11 palvelukeskuksen yhtiöittämisestä ja sen vaikutuksesta organisaation toimintaan.


Service Design in Customer Acquisition in the Context of Public Services: Engaging Home Care Customers in Service- Centre Activities

Service Design in Customer Acquisition in the Context of Public Services: Engaging Home Care Customers in Service- Centre Activities Copenhagen Business School 2015 Ms.Soc. Service Management 12.05.15 Service Design in Customer Acquisition in the Context of Public Services: Engaging Home Care Customers in Service- Centre Activities


Marjo Wallin Community-dwelling older people in inpatient rehabilitation

Marjo Wallin Community-dwelling older people in inpatient rehabilitation 2009 Studies in social security and health 103 Marjo Wallin Community-dwelling older people in inpatient rehabilitation Physiotherapists and clients accounts of treatments, and observed interaction during


uusi hinta Kartat ja karttaselitykset 1.7.2010 alkaen veroton ALV 23% verollinen Geologiset retkeilykartat 8,13 1,87 10,00

uusi hinta Kartat ja karttaselitykset 1.7.2010 alkaen veroton ALV 23% verollinen Geologiset retkeilykartat 8,13 1,87 10,00 uusi hinta Kartat ja karttaselitykset 1.7.2010 alkaen veroton ALV 23% verollinen Geologiset retkeilykartat 8,13 1,87 10,00 Maaperäkartat 1:20 000 ja 1:50 000 4,07 0,93 5,00 Kallioperäkartat 1:100 000 4,07


Liikesivistysrahaston 22.11.2012 myöntämät apurahat

Liikesivistysrahaston 22.11.2012 myöntämät apurahat Liikesivistysrahaston 22.11.2012 myöntämät apurahat Hakija myönnetty summa Katja Aalto, Rauma 3.000 Institutional logics and change A field study of ten shared service centers and their survival in the


Aaltonen Heli, Mikkeli 1.500 Yrittäjämäinen markkinointi pk-yrityksissä: markkinointiorientaation rooli ja merkitys

Aaltonen Heli, Mikkeli 1.500 Yrittäjämäinen markkinointi pk-yrityksissä: markkinointiorientaation rooli ja merkitys LIIKESIVISTYSRAHASTON APURAHAT SYKSY 2013 myönnetty summa Aalto-yliopiston kauppakorkeakoulun Johtamisen ja kansainvälisen liiketoiminnan laitos 10.000 Kestävän liiketoiminnan startup-pohjaisen innovaatiomallin


Degree Programme in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management Course Descriptions 2014-2015

Degree Programme in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management Course Descriptions 2014-2015 Degree Programme in Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management Course Descriptions 2014-2015 Principles of Marketing and Sales Code: SOC1RB001 Extent: 3 ECTS (81 h) Timing: Semester 1-2 Language: English


Social and material deprivation among youth in Finland: Causes, consequences, and coping.

Social and material deprivation among youth in Finland: Causes, consequences, and coping. Social and material deprivation among youth in Finland: Causes, consequences, and coping. Juha Pekka Mikkonen University of Helsinki Faculty of Social Sciences Department of Social Research Social Psychology


Matilainen, Anne, Kattelus, Pia and Keskinarkaus, Susanna University of Helsinki, Ruralia Institute, Seinäjoki, Finland

Matilainen, Anne, Kattelus, Pia and Keskinarkaus, Susanna University of Helsinki, Ruralia Institute, Seinäjoki, Finland E-learning provision and demand in rural areas possibilities and obstacles National report, Finland Matilainen, Anne, Kattelus, Pia and Keskinarkaus, Susanna University of Helsinki, Ruralia Institute,





Conflict Management as a Means to the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

Conflict Management as a Means to the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources This is a shortened version of an research article to be published in Silva Fennica 40(4) in November 2006. It will be available at Simo Kyllönen,


Matilainen, Anne, Kattelus, Pia and Keskinarkaus, Susanna University of Helsinki, Ruralia Institute, Seinäjoki, Finland

Matilainen, Anne, Kattelus, Pia and Keskinarkaus, Susanna University of Helsinki, Ruralia Institute, Seinäjoki, Finland E learning provision and demand in rural areas possibilities and obstacles National report, Finland Matilainen, Anne, Kattelus, Pia and Keskinarkaus, Susanna University of Helsinki, Ruralia Institute,


Autio S. Aspartylglucosaminuria. Analysis of thirty-four patients. J Ment Defic Res, Monorg Ser I, 1972

Autio S. Aspartylglucosaminuria. Analysis of thirty-four patients. J Ment Defic Res, Monorg Ser I, 1972 1 VÄITÖSKIRJATYÖT Academic dissertations Palo J. Eräiden aineenvaihduntahäiriöiden esiintyminen keskushermoston kehitysvauriotapauksissa; tutkimus 2177 suomalaisesta vajaamielisestä henkilöstä. Väitöskirja,


fulbright center news

fulbright center news New Fulbright Partner HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences Strengths of Finland Attract U.S. Student Grantees Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Fulbright Agreement Alumni Relations and Institutional


Instituutti sai uuden kyltin!

Instituutti sai uuden kyltin! SIIRTOLAISUUS MIGRATION 1/2015 Instituutti sai uuden kyltin! Siirtolaisuus Migration 1/2015 42. vuosikerta / 42 th year ISSN 0355-3779 (painettu) ISSN 1799-6406 (verkkojulkaisu) Julkaisija/Publisher Siirtolaisuusinstituutti